3 Simple Steps to Business Success

This month marks the 5 year anniversary of my first product launch in the “make money online” niche.

Before that I had been involved in many different niches including weight loss, relationships, video games, foreign languages, learn to play the guitar, credit repair, and the list goes on and on.

Heck, I even had one site dedicated solely to air purifiers that pulled in $150-$200 month. (which at the time was a home run for me)

Why so many niches?

Because I was making the same mistake that most new marketers make when they come online.

I was chasing opportunities and it felt like the best way to cash in was by building 100s of sites in all these different niches.

The reality was, that held me back from any large scale success.

You see, as long as I was spread so thin I wasn’t actually able to give any one site/niche my full attention.

But that all changed when I launched my first marketing ebook in April 2011.

Now, before you get the wrong idea, let me tell you the initial launch did not go well at all.

I actually only sold 19 copies so it was a crushing blow emotionally.

It wasn’t until May when I tweaked some things and relaunched it that I was able to build a list of over 900 subscribers.

But something amazing happened once I had that email list.

I started making more money just from sending emails to that tiny list than I was from ALL of my other 75+ websites combined.

I thought it might be a fluke but I was cautiously hopeful so I worked on growing the list and soon I found myself with over 2,000 subscribers.

And on that list of 2,000 subscribers I was FINALLY earning enough to support my family; after more than 8 years since starting my first online business!

And it was at that point I realized something…

I had been going about this marketing thing ALL WRONG!!!

I didn’t need bunches of websites.

I didn’t need to be involved in bunches of niches.

The only thing I actually needed was ONE website and ONE niche.

And instead of focusing on juggling dozens of projects I could focus my energy on just one thing; building an email list.

And once or twice per week I could tell my subscribers about a relevant and valuable offer in my niche and I could earn money when they bought it through my affiliate link.

This realization was a total game changer for me and is still the foundation of my business to this day.

So in a nutshell making money online comes down to just three very simple steps.

Step 1: Pick Your Niche

Step 2: Build a List in that Niche

Step 3: Sell Stuff to that List

If you aren’t doing one of those three things, chances are you’re totally missing the point.

And if you need help, don’t hesitate to come hang out with us inside the SackTheJob members area.  We provide training, software, and live support to help make your journey easier!

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  • Sam Finlay

    Reply Reply May 28, 2016

    Hey guys I’ve got another free resource for you to help get your list building started, It’s a ebook template you can use in Keynote or Powerpoint to create a beautiful ‘ethical bribe’.

    Most direct way to use it – either write some short content on a helpful topic of your choice in your niche and drop the text into the template – or hire a writer on Fiverr to write it for you.

    Once the eBook is ready you can then give it away in exchange for email i.e. a ready to go ‘Lead Magnet’.

    Download it here, enjoy! http://bit.ly/STJ-eBook-Template

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