5 Minute Content Curating Hack To Easily Grow Your Email List

Content is King, and we are all his subjects.

..and on each of his fingers he wears a gold ring emblazoned with the icons of the social media giants.

The diamond studded wedding ring glows brightly with the lower case ‘f’ of Facebook that we all know..

With the ‘P’ of Pinterest on his pinky and a little bird on the middle finger, of course. While Google+ hides away as a smelly toe ring that hardly anyone sees.

Everyday millions of people around the world pay homage to the king, logging in from their desktops and devices to absorb new information.


..and it’s our job as marketers to add to this wealth of knowledge by creating, curating and sharing content that provides real value to the viewer.

This content is the touching point with our potential new customers. How we make them aware of our brand, provide value and through consistency let them know we are a reliable source of information.

By regularly curating quality content across social media you are forming habits with your audience. They will come to expect your content and happily interact and engage with what you are offering.

This audience will become your loyal fan base and when you do have products to promote, will become your happy customers – because they already know, like and trust you.

Only problem is, creating content is hard – it takes a lot of time and effort to put together quality content.

But, obviously I can help with that (wouldn’t leave you hanging!)

Today i have a great productivity ‘piggybacking’ hack to share with you (that will save you a lot of time and bring in new leads daily) along with a super easy to edit eBook template..

..which you can use to quickly create a high quality, graphically impressive eBook and then offer this as an ‘ethical bribe’ in exchange for email to build your list.

Ok so first the piggyback hack..

I’ll break this down into the exact steps i take to get this content hack live and generating traffic (plus link through to the live example so you can check it our for yourself).

Here’s how it works:

1. Go to BuzzSumo and search for content related to your Niche. BuzzSumo will automatically rank content based on popularity and virility, so you can easily see what strikes a chord in your niche.

2. Find a relevant report, article or video that provides a lot of value and quality information. For this example i’m using the keyword ‘Video marketing’ – So putting that into BuzzSumo I get a post from Social Media Examiner that looks like a great fit.


Find relevant topics and trends for your niche in seconds using Buzzsumo..

3. Click through to see the content and copy the URL of post.

4. Go and get a Free Sniply Account.


Add your custom Call To Action over (pretty much) any page.

Sniply lets you create a little sticky custom call to action over the viral content that you found on BuzzSumo (or any URL from anywhere online, although some of the bigger websites may strip out your call to action, so always test)

So with Sniply you can generate leads, make offers and more ‘piggybacked’ off existing viral content.

(Note: This same call to action can be used again and again over different content that relates to video marketing. Really powerful, productive stuff..)

5. When a viewer clicks on my call to action they go through to my squeeze page, where more detail is given on the ‘Lead Bribe’ and they have the option to submit their email to get access.

..and if you don’t have content or an offer to share in exchange for email like I do?

That’s where the eBook template comes in, simply create a complimentary piece of content that relates to the piggybacked page using our template..

Here’s how it works..

The ‘Lead Bribe’ Hack

1. You will need to do some research so you have content to add into the eBook template – use BuzzSumo again to find content that resonates with you target audience and put together some helpful information that will solve a specific problem related to your niche – this can become the focus of your eBook.

2. Download our eBook template at the bottom of this post and choose the file that suits (Mac or Windows versions are both in there).

3. Once open you will see where you need to edit things with your branding and topic of choice, see the image below for reference (in this screenshot I’m editing the template using Keynote as i’m on a Mac, a Powerpoint version is also included for Windows users)


(Note: Don’t have a logo for your product or service and the ebook? Check our THIS POST to find out how to create a Free Logo in under a minute.)


Make sure you hyperlink your call to action buttons

3. As you go through the template you will see each page is clearly marked with directions on how you should edit things for your own use..

4. Once you have gone through the template double check that you have added hyperlinks to all the call to action buttons, website links and social media icons – then export the slideshow as a PDF – this is the completed file you will be giving away in exchange for email.

5. As mentioned in step 5 of the piggyback hack – you will then need to create a squeeze page and offer this eBook in exchange for the viewers email. Once your squeeze page is ready add it’s URL, along with the viral content’s URL and your call to action copy into Sniply.

6. Sniply will then spit out a custom URL – promote this link on social media and whenever someone clicks to see the viral content, they see your call to action at the same time.

Done. It takes a bit of work to get this system in place, but once it is you can use the same sniply call to action, lead bribe and squeeze page to generate traffic again and again..

..simply swap out the viral content for new articles, blog posts and more to keep it fresh – so each new lead generation campaign will only take about 5 minutes 🙂

Bonus Ninja Hack: Take these Sniply links and completely automate them being posted to social media using the social media software called ‘Meet Edgar.’

Meet Edgar HERE – I’ve just started using this tool to automate all my social media updates – it’s a seriously legit time saver.

Ok to get started download the eBook template below, as usual it’s built in powerpoint and Keynote so you don’t need any special tech skills or software to use it.

Just download and enjoy!

Download The eBook Template

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