Create Killer Ad Graphics In 1 Minute or Less (With Software You Already Own)

Your face is important.

Obvious statement i know, but here’s what I mean..

It’s how you greet the world, how you interact with people – and a lot of the time it’s how you judge people and how they judge you.

But not just your face; how you hold yourself, the clothes you wear – your appearance.

This might sound shallow.. and it is, but it’s just human nature. Once you get past the appearance everybody has much more to offer of course.

Their own unique perspective, skills knowledge and opinion.

But a lot of the time you won’t get to know the value they can provide because you don’t get passed the first impression. Or even if you do that first impression can linger a long time and it takes more convincing to shake it.


Now in the digital space of online marketing this tendency to judge still exists but we do it in different ways..

If you’re not on camera as the face of your brand, product or service then people fall back to judging what you have to offer based on your brand’s digital appearance..

..and at first glance this is your logo, banners, ad graphics, product shots, e-covers etc..

Quality graphics to catch your potential customer’s attention is uber important.

First impressions count.

Now I’m not saying your aesthetic appeal is the be all and end all – once you pass the ‘hot or not’ test you still need quality headlines, copy, videos and of course a product and offer that provides real value.

But this initial visual judgement is hugely important to get eyeballs to stay on your offer to the point they can engage with your content – connect emotionally and then intellectually to eventually make the sale.

So in other words, you need to look pretty.

I mean, no one wants to be the ugly wallflower at the dance who never gets asked to dance, right?

But once your products are all dolled up, there’s still something missing before you can bust a move, you still need someone to dance with.

You can have the best product or service in the world but without people to see it..

..without traffic you’re still that wallflower standing in the dusty corner of the internet.

So how do we fix this?

It’s pretty straight forward really, you go and buy it.

And the absolute best place to do this is Facebook.

They are the cheapest, most targeted ad platform available with over 1 Billion users that you can market to..’s basically a marketer’s dream.

..and if you’re not taking advantage of Facebook Ads in your business then you’re missing out on a constant stream of new leads and sales for your products and services.

Best thing, once you get their email you can then re-market to them for next to nothing, and it’s this lifetime value of the customer that makes the initial ad cost investment really worth it..

So to make things a little easier for you and help you get your Facebook Ads live faster.

I’ve had my designer put together a set of high converting Facebook Ad Templates that you can download, edit and use to bring in new leads and sales for your business.

Think of them as your prom dress (ok, last dance analogy..)

NOTE: Click HERE To Get Free Access To The 5 High Converting Facebook Ad Templates You Can Use In Your Own Or Client Campaigns.

The templates are built in Powerpoint and Keynote so can be used on both Mac and Windows computers without the need to purchase and learn any expensive software.

These are the same templates we use daily to generate new customers.. and they work great.

In fact here’s a case study example of how i used one of these template to generate over 100 fresh leads in a couple of days..

I used the template pictured below and made a few edits in Keynote so it was advertising an offer in exchange for email – I then set this up as a Facebook Ad campaign with a ‘Clicks To Website’ objective..


Simple edit in Keynote took less than a minute to complete.

This Facebook traffic would then click through to a squeeze page which clearly lays out what they will get and why it is a benefit to them if they give me their email.


Screenshot of my ‘Free FB Ad template’ Squeeze page that generated leads at a 56% conversions rate to cold traffic (this ad was for another brand I run)

..and after a couple of days here is the conversion rate using this setup:


Analytics from this squeeze page in my clickfunnels account

Pretty straight forward – and to do this for yourself you just need to create some quality content that actually helps people in your niche.. other words create an ‘ethical bribe’ you can give away in exchange for email (think of this as the hip flask you snuck into prom and now all the cool kids want to party..)

In my case it’s obviously the FB Ad Templates which speed up the process of creating Facebook ads and take the guess work out of the design conversion side of things.

Ok so if you want the template to use for yourself, click HERE to grab them free (if you’re already a Sack The Job Member, You’ll find 30 of these templates inside the ‘Tactical Pack’ tab in the member’s area)

..and as mentioned – No design, tech skills or photoshop required and they work on both Mac and Windows computers.


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