Design Your Own Logo in 5 Easy Steps (Without Designing Anything)

Need a logo but you’re not a designer?

That’s great you must save a fortune on hipster beard oil and moustache wax.

But let’s clean shaven face it – if you want to be taken seriously online and turn your website traffic into customers you need quality graphics to represent your product, brand or service.

Cause we all judge books by their covers..

So short of growing out that beard and taking the gears off your bike (and buying and learning photoshop) what can you do?

Well you could wade through various freelancer sites and hire and fire some designers until you find a good one..

..and even then you have to wait days for delivery of your design and of course fork out money to pay for the design services.

But I’ve got a better solution 🙂

I had my designer put together a sweet logo template in keynote and photoshop so you can use it without the need of photoshop at all.

Note: This ‘Logo Template’ Logo Was Made Using The Logo Template (Meta!)

It’s super simple to use and you can create as many logo designs as you like using it.

It works like this..

1. Download the file below
2. Open up the MAC or Windows version to your needs
3. Choose a logo design you like
4. Edit the text to your brand
5. Export the image


Pretty simple, and much faster than hand carving a beard comb from 300 year old maple (ok last of the hipster references..)

Take a look at some of the slick designs you can edit to create a professional logo for your brand, product or service…

This is just a few, there are 30+ to choose from in the template..

Soooo want to get your greasy mits on it? Hit the big blue button below to get access to the template now 🙂

Click Here To Download The Logo Template

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I am a full time online marketer, software creator and video specialist with extensive experience launching digital products into the marketplace. I have Bachelor and Master degrees in Design and Digital Media/Animation and create tools and training to make digital marketing easy.


  • Guillaume Marais

    Reply Reply July 6, 2016

    Sam! Wow man more great freebies!

    Thank you thank you!!!!

    Guillaume Marais

    • Sam Finlay

      Reply Reply July 6, 2016

      No worries buddy, glad it’s helpful 🙂 Would love to see the logos you create with it 🙂

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