How I Made An Extra $11,370.74 In 3 Days With No Internet

So I did this using email segmentation and Facebook retargeting…

Segmentation and Retargeting! Sounds hard right?

Nope (Take it step by step and it’s only a few hours work)

You just need 3 ingredients…

1. A bit of pre-thought (which this post will help you with)
2. An Autoresponder
3. Being stuck in a hot room in Thailand with no air-con or internet (optional…)

[Please Note: This is an internet marketing focused post, but the techniques can be applied to any niche – product or service to increase brand legitimacy, engagement and sales]

Let’s get to it!

We recently launched a Facebook traffic training product called Penny Clicks Academy (Check it out HERE if you haven’t seen it yet) and I knew going into the launch that it would be a hectic time…

I also knew that I wanted to follow up with people as they checked out our salespage, bought the front end product and/or the upgrade products in the funnel.

So I setup a system that would tag people and identify them based on their purchases, so I could both follow up with them via email and retarget them on Facebook.

It worked like this…

Phase 1: Facebook Retargeting

If a LEAD visited the front end salespage and DIDN’T BUY, they are added to a custom audience on Facebook and retargeted with a short video ad showing some of our results using the Penny Clicks system (this video was simply cut out from the main sales video with some extra call to actions added) You can check it out below:

…and here is how the custom audience setup looked like on FB – including visitors to the front end salespage URLS, and excluding those that purchased and saw the 1st upgrade offer salespage URLs.

FB retargeting custom audience. Go to 'Audiences' in your FB ad manager > Click 'Create Audience > Custom Audience' > Website Traffic > Choose 'People Who Visit Specific Pages But Not Others'

FB retargeting custom audience. Go to ‘Audiences’ in your FB ad manager > Click ‘Create Audience > Custom Audience’ > Website Traffic > Choose ‘People Who Visit Specific Pages But Not Others’

NOTE: Need more details on how to setup a Custom Audience on Facebook? Check out Step 2 of our in-depth FB ad setup post HERE and get your retargeting audience setup in a few minutes.

NOTE: Don't know how to create effective video for your marketing? Check out THIS POST to learn how to create a Quality Video Sales Letter using free tools.

If a LEAD PURCHASED the front end product and saw the 1st upgrade in the funnel, but then DIDN’T BUY the upgrade they were shown a second retargeting ad taking them back to the 1st upgrade page, this ad was a simple image ad (see below)

pca-dfy-emailThese ads were setup and turned on before we went live with the launch, so they had a little time to warm up (FB needs time to start actually showing your ads)..

So then as our affiliates started sending traffic to the salespage people would get pixelled, added to the custom audience and start seeing the front end video ad if they didn’t buy, and the upgrade image ad if they did buy.

I could have kept going with this and retargeted the other upgrades in the funnel, but for that I used email segmentation instead (and I also was super busy and didn’t have time to set it up)

Phase 2: Email Segmentation & Follow Up

For segmentation to work correctly you obviously need to identify who bought what so you can send people the offer relevant to them.

The old messy way to do this was have a seperate list for every product and use some rudimentary automation to unsubscribe a lead from one list and subscribe to another when they purchase.

Sure this worked, but it quickly gets messy when you have a large product range and also some Autoresponders like Aweber would double charge you for leads if you have them on multiple lists.

To do this cleanly I use Active Campaign and a tagging system – This way I have a single list of subscribers for our brand (Sack The Job) and all the leads on that list have tags attached to their profile showing exactly how they joined the list, how they have engaged, what they purchased etc…

So the tagging system worked like this:

Tag: LEAD: PCA = Signed up for the prelaunch list
Tag: PURCHASE: PCA = Bought Penny Clicks Academy
Tag: PURCHASE: DFY Campaigns = Bought 1st upgrade offer DFY Campaign Academy
Tag: PURCHASE: SAS + PURCHASE: SPS = Bought The 2nd upgrade software bundle including Social Ad Suite and Social Pixel Suite
Tag: PURCHASE: SAS = Bought the downsell software Social Pixel Suite
Tag: PURCHASE: PC Mastermind = Bought Penny Clicks Mastermind coaching offer

As people went through the funnel, purchased and were added to my list in Active Campaign they were tagged with their purchase info.

Then following up with the right people was simple, for those that didn’t buy Penny clicks I sent an email on Saturday with a screenshot of our results and reminded them to head back to get the offer during the launch discount, and on Sunday I sent a couple emails letting them know the launch was ending and included a countdown timer.

I did the same for Penny Click buyers that didn’t buy the upgrade, and people that bought Penny Clicks and the upgrade but not the Mastermind I sent them a separate series of emails telling them more about the mastermind.

Segmentation looked like this for people that didn't buy the 1st upgrade after buying the front end product.

Segmentation looked like this for people that didn’t buy the 1st upgrade after buying the front end product.

All these emails and the FB ads were using naked URLs, meaning any sales would still be credited to the affiliate that originally sent the lead to our launch – this means more sales and happier affiliates more likely to promote your products again in the future.

I know as an affiliate myself I appreciate the effort when a launch is re-marketed correctly and my conversions go up without any extra work on my part, it’s relationship building and just good business practice.

One problem though…

Seeing as I used naked links in my emails how did I know when sales were the results of my emails and not just direct affiliate traffic?

Well I had help and used a tracking and cloaking software called Audience PressThis is a WordPress plugin that I use to cloak my affiliate links when running affiliate ads on FB, and when I need to track conversions through a funnel I can also easily do that by creating a custom link and conversion pixel.

NOTE: Audience Press does a bunch of other cool stuff too like pixelling people that click your links for re-marketing, segmenting based on geo location, re-directing traffic after a countdown ends etc (check out their salespage HERE, it's a great tool to have in your arsenal)

This is what the Audience Press dash looked like as sales came in from my emails:

Audience Press tracking my email conversions.

Audience Press tracking my email conversions.

So how long did this take to setup, and how much money did it generate?

All in all the system took about 4-5 hours to setup – and the best part?

I setup most of it before we even launched and then my power and internet cut out on Friday night!

I was sitting in my apartment (I live in Bangkok, Thailand at the moment) sweltering in the heat with no air-con, trying to use my mobile phone as a slow hotspot to check on my stats and finish setting up the final follow up emails…

My power came back in about 3 hours but the internet didn’t all through the launch weekend, but I managed to get a connection through my phone here and there…

And the results?

I generated at extra $11,370.74 AUD (I’m Australian so used that amount in the title cause it sounds cooler ha) – so that’s $8513.58 USD through the 3 day launch (with some trickle sales still coming in now, a week later).

Just under 3k USD came from the email follow ups (at zero cost to me besides the monthly subscription fee of $70), and the rest from FB re-targeting (Ad spend was just under $600 USD total)…

FB Retargeting stats for people that saw the front end offer but didn't buy yet...

FB Retargeting stats for people that saw the front end offer but didn’t buy yet…


Total sales from email follow up clicks, accurately tracked and reported using Audience Press software.

Total sales from email follow up clicks, accurately tracked and reported using Audience Press software.

So overall pretty great result capitalising on existing traffic to generate extra income, and a process that can be applied to any business model in any niche.

Segment, retarget and follow up.

Use all the avenues of communication at your disposal to connect with your target audience and create multiple touch points with your brand – as for a lot of people they need this connection and reminder before they will ever make a purchase from you online.

Thanks for reading!


Found some value in this post? Have any questions? Let me know in the comments below!

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