How I’m Earning Thousands of Dollars Per Year (With Zero Work)

Recently I’ve started spending more time learning what I would call “life hacks” and the such.

Most of the stuff I come up with is pretty much common sense but several months back I figured out how to add thousands of dollars to my pockets without a lick of extra work.


Here’s how I did it:

I went to my bank and grabbed a credit card that offered 1.5% cash back rewards.

I began using this cards for every personal expense I could think of.

And trust me, there’s a whole lot that can be paid for with a credit card these days.

Things like groceries, eating out, gas, cell phone bills, high speed internet, satellite tv service, gym memberships, video games, etc.

I found I was quickly able to rack up $2,000-$3,000 each month in personal expenses on the card.

Next up I started switching all my business related expenses from Paypal or direct withdrawal to the Paypal debit card.

These expenses FAR exceed my personal ones – we’re talking about things like hosting, autoresponders, software expenses, advertising, etc.

And I’m earning 1% cash back on ALL of them when I pay using my Paypal debit card.

By the end of the year I’ll have earned thousands of dollars in rewards and it didn’t require any extra “work” on my part.

So, there you have it, a simple but effective way to add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your own bottom line each year.

**Fb Ads can be paid for with a credit card – hint hint.

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