How To Create A Quality Video Sales Letter Using Free Tools (In Less Than 1 Hour)

Not using video in your online marketing?

C’mon now, you know you need to!


Think about it, when was the last time you bought something without watching a video about it first?

Be it a sales vid, a review vid, a product demo, tutorial or whatever.. Video is key to your marketing.

..but for many it’s a huge roadblock to seeing results because it’s considered hard.

Like most things though that’s just a mental game and once you focus and actually sit down and do it, a simple (but still quality) video can be created in less than an hour..

Well if you know what you’re doing it can be, so let me help you out with a series of steps you can follow and free tools you can use to..

Easily create a quality video sales letter for your product or service in under 1 hour..

Step 1: Write Your Script

The first thing you need for your video is a script to follow.

You could try winging it and talking off the top but i guarantee the result will not be great (and the free tools and steps i share below won’t work either if you freestyle things..)

But how do you write a script?

Easy, download this script guide I’ve prepared for you and follow the structure to create a killer script that turns viewers into leads and customers.

NOTE: Click HERE to get access to the Free Video Script Guide

Once you’ve followed the guide and created your script, you’ll need to create your presentation slides, you can do this using software you already have on your computer..

Keynote for Mac, or in Powerpoint if you’re on Windows (make sure you set your slides to be widescreen at 16:9 ratio.)

SHORTCUT: Use a software Like Easy VSL to automatically create all your slides for you (you just drop in your script, choose a background and the rest is done for you)

SHORTCUT: For added professionalism use the Viddyoze software platform to automatically and easily create custom logo animations, transitions and pattern interrupts.

Step 2: Record Your Slides (& Audio)

You need to make sure you actually record your video at 16:9 ratio – this is easy if you are just recording your keynote/powerpoint slides, but if you need to record a review, walkthrough ‘over the shoulder’ video of your screen it gets a bit harder to know when you’re at 16:9..

16-9 reference

Resize whatever you are recording to fit inside the 16:9 reference frame, then record that frame using screen record software.

Easy fix is to DOWNLOAD THIS 16:9 frame I created, simply open it up on your desktop and then resize all the windows you plan to record to fit the white frame exactly, then when you record your screen select just the windows inside the white frame..

But how do you record your screen for free?

Simple, use this great free software called Screencast-O-Matic lets you record your screen and publish the video direct to youtube for free. The only limitation is it stops recording at 15 minutes (but you don’t want your sales video to be more than 10 minutes anyway)

So go sign up for a free account, install the software they let you download and then record while speaking out your script a slide at a time.

screenshotOnce you have completed the video you have the choice of downloading it to your computer, hosting it on screencast-o-matic or publishing it direct to youtube.

If you’re just starting out with video marketing just go direct to Youtube and get the video live asap (you’ve waited long enough already!)

If you’re looking to up your video quality overall though download the video to your computer and hire someone on fiverr to add a logo sting to your video for some branding and professionalism.

RELATED: Need to easily create a quality logo to use in your video slides and log sting? READ THIS

What about Audio Quality?

If you’re on a budget you can just use your computers built in mic to record the audio, it won’t be fantastic quality but don’t let it stop you from taking action and creating your video.

When you’re ready to spend a little to up your audio a great option for recording quality audio is to get a lapel microphone (the little ones that you clip to your shirt)..

I know most people recommend a desktop USB mic like the Blue Yeti or Blue Snowball (which are great I have a Snowball..)

..but I’ve found a label mic that plugs into your computers earphone jack is better quality, and when you get more advanced in your video marketing and start doing talking head (talking facing the camera instead of slides) you will need a lapel mic..

So getting one from the start you’re killing two birds – plus it’s tiny so while travelling (and working) it’s easy to take with you (especially compared to a large and heavy desktop USB microphone)

Lapel Mic

Rode Lapel Mic I use, great for travelling 🙂

The lapel mic I use and recommend is RODE lapel Mic and App  It’s cheap and great quality, just plug it into your computer and select it as your microphone when using Screencast-O-Matic – Or if doing talking head you plug it into your smart phone and record using the app.

And that's it.

Follow those 2 steps and use the tools and templates provided and you'll have a great video in less than an hour.

Need help with any of the steps, stuck creating your script or want an honest review of your completed video?

Leave a comment below and we'll help you out 🙂

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Sam Finlay

I am a full time online marketer, software creator and video specialist with extensive experience launching digital products into the marketplace. I have Bachelor and Master degrees in Design and Digital Media/Animation and create tools and training to make digital marketing easy.


  • Jason

    Reply Reply July 31, 2016

    Hey, this is a great step by step write up for a VSL. Seems like it could work for creating courses as well.

    • Sam Finlay

      Reply Reply July 31, 2016

      Thanks! Yep would work for courses too but I recommend using a software like Camtasia to do course videos, so you can fully edit the video. Will save a lot of headaches redoing videos when you stuff up. This technique works well for VSLs because you’re just reading from a script, rarely doing that for course/trainings vids.

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