Skills to Pay the Bills (How To Drive Leads For Your Local Business)

Before heading out to my family reunion a few days ago I made a post on Facebook walking through four simple steps for creating a business online.

One of my neighbors from many years ago posted a comment saying if I helped him grow his lawn care business he’d cut me in when he got “big enough.”


He even snuck in a picture of his business card, perhaps hoping some of my friends would contact him.

Unfortunately for him, he probably does not realize that 99% of my friends on Fb do not live in our area 🙂

And while I have no desire to own a lawn care company, his question did make me realize just how clueless the average person is when it comes to online marketing.

So I wanted to use it as an example of why anyone who truly understands marketing can have success in just about any business they choose.

To do that let’s pretend I wanted to partner with him to build up this lawn care business (I’d never do that because I could easily buy the equipment, hire $12 hour employees, and start my own…but let’s pretend)

The first thing I’d do is set up an opt in page offering people a chance to win a free summer of lawn care.

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**I’d be sure I had proper disclaimers etc in place regarding the size of the yard etc.

That page would ask for their name, phone number, physical address, and email address.

Then I’d set up a “one time offer” visitors would see after they opted in.

This offer would offer them a discount on yard work if they signed up by a specific date.


Let’s say I was running this contest from March 1st – March 10th.

My headline on the sales page may say something like “Call Before the Timer Hits Zero and Receive 20% Off Our Normal Rates” or “Call Now and Your First Week is Free” etc.

Which one would work best?

NOBODY knows!!!!

I’d have to test them both as well as others to find out which one converted the best.

Anyone that tells you they know which one will work best is only guessing or lying to you.

But regardless of which angle I used, I’d stick a countdown timer on that page to help enforce a sense of scarcity.

Both my “opt in page” and my “one time offer” page would have Facebook pixels on them so I could build custom audiences of the people landing on these pages.

Next I’d sign up for an autoresponder service such as Swifti.

I’d write a 7 day follow up sequence that gave out tips for lawn care that customer’s would receive after opting in to my email list.

These emails would all remind readers that my company was there for all their lawn care needs with a few call to action links sprinkled in.

Next I’d do some research for the geographic area my lawn care business was in.

I’d find out the average age of a home owner.

Then I’d create a Facebook ad targeting people in that age range (example: 30-65+) who also lived in the zip code I wanted to provide lawn care services to.

Anyone who clicked this ad would be sent to my opt in page.

Next I’d set up a second Facebook ad campaign targeting the custom audience of people who visited my opt in page and submitted their details but did not sign up for my “one time offer.”

This campaign would point them back to the “one time offer” page.

And finally I’d set up a third Facebook ad campaign targeting the people who saw my opt in page but did not opt in.

This campaign would send this audience back to the squeeze page.

Finally, at the end of my contest period I’d kill the ad and send an email out to everyone announcing the winner.

In that email I’d offer my final call to action to take advantage of some type of discounted rate on lawn care.

And that folks, is how I’d enter into the lawn care niche if I wanted to.

Now, you might be wondering why you should care about the blueprint for starting a lawn care business but…what if I told you this same blueprint can be used to enter MOST niches out there!

Try it and see for yourself.

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