STOP Asking So Many Questions

I was scrolling through my Fb newsfeed a few weeks back snapping screenshots of all the ads I saw and clicking the “Why am I seeing this” button (I do this every day) when I came across a post from my buddy Ricky Mataka.

If you don’t know Ricky, that’s ok, long story short the guy went from working as a programmer for Mike Filsaime to creating his own online empire selling amazing software products.

His post was short and to the point…

It basically said “Stop asking to many ******** questions and just do it.”

I may be paraphrasing a bit here as I don’t remember the exact post but this was the concept and while it may seem harsh he’s literally summed up the #1 reason people fail in this one sentence.

Every single time I open up my mentoring program the first question I ask people is:

How long have you been trying to make money online?

Many times the answer is  YEARS.

My 2nd question is, do you have a website?

And as shocking as it sounds, even after years of struggling, most people do not even have a website online.

They are spending all their time buying courses and trying to piece together all the information instead of just taking action.

Now listen, I’m a huge fan of training.

The money I spend on training courses is 2nd only to my mortgage.

But the key to getting results is taking those courses and actually implementing what they teach and most people do not do that.

They take a course and then have questions so they get “stuck” and instead of implementing the content they just start searching for the next big thing.

How do I know?

Because that’s exactly what I did for years.

Then in 2010 I bought a $997 course from well known marketer Ryan Moran. (of

(At the time $997 was a FORTUNE for me.)

The course itself was on how to flip sites on Flippa but in week 1 Ryan taught me how to build what he called “tiny sites” to make small commissions.

The sites took only a few hours to create and I was between jobs so I figured I might as well give it my all.

In the following 90 days I built 78 web sites.

Of those 78, only 4 or 5 actually made any consistent money.

Crazy right?

Imagine if I had just given up after the first 5 or even 10 attempts.

Instead I kept at it and before I knew it I had a handful of sites making $50-$200 month each.

That may not sound like much but you have to understand, at the time it felt like hitting the lottery.

It was the first time I actually believed I might be able to build a business online.

And guess what?

A year later I released an info product teaching people how I built those sites and giving them a case study with my exact domains.

That info product sold 908 copies and was my first taste of “product creation.”

Within 90 days of launching that product I had found my groove and had my first $10,000 day (net).

But if you trace it back, it all started with me taking action on that one course from Ryan Moran in 2010.

Tomorrow’s success is all about what you do today.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and afraid to start the best advice I can give you is just start doing the basics – choosing a domain, setting up hosting, installing wordpress, etc.

I think you’ll find its a lot easier to keep going after you get started.

And if you need help, don’t hesitate to come hang out with us inside the SackTheJob members area.  We provide training, software, and live support to help make your journey easier!

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