The FAST and CHEAP Way To Skyrocket Facebook Ad ROI With Video Ad Custom Audiences

So I’m sure you’ve heard Facebook has officially taken over Youtube as the go to consumption platform for video viewing..

Yep, more video content is watched on FB day to day than on Youtube – and as FB continues to push video to the forefront with multi host live streaming (yep it’s a thing) and a huge focus on mobile video it’s a giant snowball of potential rolling down the social media mountain destroying competition along the way..

Basically FB is slowly but surely becoming THE internet, and it’s time you fall in line 🙂

But creating video is hard right? 

No it doesn’t have to be – I’ve already covered how to create a great video in a previous post (see below)

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..and in this post I’ll cover how to easily use this newly created video in combination with FB video ads to create a highly targeted, high converting audience of buyers to send to all your products and services.

Let’s get started:

Step One: Create your video using the tips laid out in the post linked above, I recommend also adding a pattern interrupt at the beginning of the video, something to stop thumbs as your potential customer is scrolling through FB and sees your ad autoplaying.

This could be you on camera waving your hands, a giant flashing stop sign or some fancy animation and bold text – get creative with it.

Here’s an example of our video ad that we have been successfully running on FB for a couple months now – notice the animated pattern interrupt and then call to action to un-mute the video and listen..

SHORTCUT: Use a software Like Viddyoze to easily and automatically create professional animated intros (logo stings), animated transitions and pattern interrupts to make your video ad stand out as people scroll through the FB newsfeed.

Step Two: Once you have your video completed go to FB ads manager and create an ad with the goal of ‘Get video views’ and get it live – ‘Get Views’ campaign are BY FAR the cheapest engagement option for paid ads, with views averaging around 2-3 cents each.

vid views

Create an ad with ‘Get Video Views’ as the goal.

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Step Three: Navigate to ‘Audiences’ in your Ads Manager


Move to ‘Audiences’ from the header dropdown menu in Ads Manager

Click ‘Create Audience and choose ‘Engagement On Facebook’

engagement audience

Create a new custom audience of people that have watched your video.

..then on the next screen click in the box and you can select to create an audience based on how much of your video has been watched:

create percentage viewed

Segment the audience to people that have properly watched your video (key to your conversions later)

Once you have selected the percentage, you need to select a video to apply the audience to. Go through and choose the video you just uploaded as your ‘Get Video Views’ ad campaign – and then click Save.

choose video

Go through and select the FB Page and then the video you want the audience to be created for.

I recommend you go through and create separate audiences for each percentage viewing level.

That's it.

As your 'Get Video Views' campaign rolls out to your audience and you generate views, these viewers will be automatically segmented to how much of your video they viewed.

This custom audience can then be targeted in all your other FB ads - be it other video ads, image ads, carousel ads, lead ads - whatever it may be you can focus solely on those who have engaged and shown ACTUAL, REAL INTEREST in what you have to offer and get them moving through your funnels.

Do this and you will sky rocket your conversions and dramatically increase your Facebook Ad ROI.

BONUS TIP 1: Once these viewer custom audiences are big enough you can create a Lookalike Audience of them to broaden your pool of targeted prospects.

BONUS TIP 2: Also when these audiences are big enough you can view their data in Facebook Audience Insights, and dig down deep into who they are to better inform your 'Perfect Customer Avatar'.

Got questions? Leave  comment below and we'll help you out 🙂

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