The REAL Reason You’re Failing

As of last month I have not been employed by anyone other than myself for five awesome years.

Those years have been made even more awesome by the fact that by 2011 I had been struggling to build an online business for EIGHT agonizing years.

It all started back in 2003 when I was just a young 21 year old kid who hated the idea of having to work for anyone else but it continued all the way to 2010 when I was a father and husband suffering from severe depression and facing foreclosure on my family's home.

During that span I attempted just about everything you can think of, things like ebay, info products, affiliate marketing, SEO, PPC, article marketing, forum marketing, etc.

The results were always the same, notta.

That's not the most depressing part of this story though.

The worst part is during those eight years I was spending nearly every free moment at the computer and not enjoying time with my family.

The money I lost during those eight years matter little in the grand scheme of things but the time I missed out on with family is still heart breaking to this day.

During those eight years my wife gave birth to our only child but I spent a whole lot of time during those first few years of her life at the computer instead of with her.

In 2008, my mother unexpectedly passed away from a brain aneurysm.

I try not to think about all the times she called but I was too busy to talk because I had my face stuck to the computer.


(This photo was snapped the night my daughter was born, just 2 short years before my mother passed away...)

In 2009, my wife and I started having marital issues due to my own neglect toward our relationship.

As you can probably imagine, when you spend all your time at the computer instead of with your spouse things start going south.

I could go on and on about all the regrets that come along with the time I WASTED at the computer during those eight years.

Now, you may be thinking...but James, all that hard work paid off and now you get to spend as much time as you want with your family, right?


Those eight years were spent wondering the "online wilderness" hopping from one strategy/method to the next.

I'd buy a course/product, implement it, and give up. (that is if I implemented it at all)

The way I saw it, if it didn't work the first time I tried it, it must be a scam so every time one method would fail  to produce the results I was after I'd just buy another course and start on that instead.

It was pure luck that in 2010 after all those years one of the strategies I implemented actually worked the FIRST time I tried it.

And when I say worked, I don't mean it produced windfalls of cash but it did put over $100 in my pockets in just 30 days, which to me, was a HOME RUN at the time.

Oh, and the best part of all, the method was one I had already learned in 2005 but failed to implement due to my case of shiny object syndrome...

What's your point James?

My point is quite simple.

I missed out on so many important moments in my life and nearly destroyed my marriage all because I gave up too quickly.

I didn't understand that even the best marketers often have to try something 5, 10, or even 50 times before they see the results they're after.

Once I understood that piece of the puzzle, I was able to quickly grow my business to the six figures per year mark - and more importantly I figured out how to do it working only part time hours.

As a result I am able to spend quality time with my wife and daughter and will never have to miss out on another phone call from a loved one.


(Here we are after a long but FUN rainy day at Disney World)


So remember, when you find a program you believe in and lay your money down for it, stay the course even if you fail the first couple times you try it.

In the long run, its a lot less time consuming to try one method 10 times than it is to try 100 methods once; and a lot more rewarding as well.

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  • Mike gannon

    Reply Reply May 5, 2016

    Hi James
    Your last paragraph is what I put into my head a few weeks ago at the same time your course came to me.
    Having spent months trying to figure out the steps and following procedures which were foreign to me and therefore failing to complete them as you have been through It was time to latch onto one and follow it from A-Z

    after 4 weeks on your course I am still struggling not understanding a lot of the terminology but writing everything down and putting things in my own filing system is starting to pay dividends.(not dollar wise at the moment) Filing it in the computer caused me to lose track but using my old ABC method helped overcome this problem to some extent. Keeping and Putting everything collected on my desktop and in files is what I am also now using (only just understanding how to do it) because of the help from the younger generation is really helping.
    Thanks again James for all your hard work hope your new products go well and looking forward to get myself up and running with action late next week if I can get it finished with my son’s help.

    • James Sides

      Reply Reply May 5, 2016

      Keep up the great work Mike!


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